Cassia Seed Nicrowave Drying Sterilization

Cassia seed is of traditional Chinese medicine. South of the Yangtze River in China is planted, producing mainly in Anhui, Guangxi, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Guangdong, and other places. Famous for its efficacy in brightening the eyes. Harvest ripe fruit in autumn, dry, lay seeds, and remove impurities. Cassia tastes bitter, sweet, salty, slightly cold, liver, kidney, large intestine, Embellish bowel aperient, lipid-lowering fat bright eye, treat constipation, and high blood fat, hypertension. Clear liver bright eyes, benefit water aperient, relieving diarrhea effect, and fall blood pressure to fall hematic fat.

Disadvantages of traditional steam drying and infrared dryers:
1、Big investment in drying machines
2、Condensation is easy to occur during feeding
3、The dryer cannot obtain low moisture content
4、Not suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials
5、Energy saving conditions are limited

Mr. Li’s factory in Dazhou, Sichuan province, was relocated. He wanted to purchase a new type of microwave equipment and send samples to the factory for an experiment after consulting online.

The humidity of fresh cassia seeds is about 35%, and the customer requires that the moisture be reduced to less than 10%. Cassia seed crust is hard, blocking the evaporation of water.

Take samples of 1kg and use 18kw tunnel microwave equipment to experiment. Set the temperature at 105℃. The sample thickness is 5mm. Conveyor belt 10HZ, microwave 650w, act on the material for 8 minutes. The sample has a slightly burnt taste, which fails to meet the client’s goal of only drying but not curing.

Adjust the experiment, set the microwave temperature to 85℃, the power is unchanged, the sample thickness is 5mm, the conveyor belt is 15HZ, enhance dehumidification effect, microwave effect for 7 minutes, take the sample to measure the moisture of 6%, meet the customer’s requirements. The experiment continued, and the accurate data were obtained. The test was successful. Microwave in the drying process also completed sterilization and insecticide, to ensure the quality of products, improve the added value.

Customized a 20kw air cooling equipment for customer, digital frequency conversion power supply, full computer control. Customers need to dry the product packaging, to provide customers with a screening packaging line, the machine head is equipped with a vibration hopper, accurate control of the laying, the realization of automatic, significantly saving labor and use costs.