Powder Puff Drying Equipment

Introduce Advantage Model Parameter Video PDF Download PDF Technology is making progress, and times are making progress. Our Leader Microwave Equipment Company has been making progress and innovation in its technology as well. If you have any concerns about this project, please contact us immediately. Besides, you can use our high-quality microwave powder puff drying equipment to start the powder puff drying business. Our powder puff drying equipment has many advantages: 1. The design of powder puff drying equipment is more stable and safer. It is equipped with an automatic pressure control system, an automated temperature control system, a computerized alarm system, … Read more

Drying Equipment for Chinese Medicinal Materialst

Introduce Advantage Model Parameter Video PDF Download PDF Leader Chinese medicinal materials drying equipment has higher efficiency and more durable performance. We design and produce this kind of machine, which is used to dry many Chinese medicinal raw materials, such as Coptis Chinensis, gastrodia elata, eucommia ulmoides, and so on. It is an advanced dryer suitable for those who require quality, productivity, and sufficient capital investment. Leader Chinese medicine drying equipment for sale More advanced equipment design for drying Chinese medicinal materials: 1. High drying efficiency, short time, low temperature, can maintain the composition, color, and efficacy of medicinal materials. … Read more

Microwave Drying Machine

Introduce Model Advantage Parameter Video PDF Download PDF The microwave drying machine is a new drying method used to dry and dehydrate powdery and granular materials. When drying, microwave can directly act on medium molecules to convert into heat energy. The drying process only needs to use electricity, water, no need for other coal, diesel, etc. There are two main drying methods for food materials. One is natural air drying, because the natural drying use sunlight and natural wind directly, so the temperature and humidity of the environment and odor will affect the material. Secondly, microwave drying machine and powder puff … Read more

Microwave Drying of Chemicals

Introduce Advantage Model Parameter Video PDF Download PDF Many chemical materials also need drying, leader microwave equipment companies can provide microwave drying equipment for drying and sterilizing chemical materials. It can be for activated carbon, filter carbon, foam EPS, polyester board bending, synthetic materials, EPC, and other industrial chemicals that are conducting drying equipment treatment. Advantages and characteristics of microwave drying equipment for chemical materials 1. Microwave heating is an integral heating method, does not need the heat conduction process. The integral heating method can achieve uniform heating in a short time, materials with poor heat conduction can be heated and dried … Read more