Flower Dryer Machinery

Price List Processing Video Processing PDF High-quality flower dryer provided by Industrial microwave Equipment company is suitable for drying flowers. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of microwave equipment, this equipment is our essential product. Over the past decade, this machine has been sold all over the world through our efforts. Flower drying process Flower dryer installed in Indian An enthusiastic Brazilian customer purchased a flower dryer from our factory. We delivered the machines within the agreed time of delivery. At the same time, we sent our elite engineers to install the devices.They describe their delight in choosing Industrial … Read more

Powder Drying Equipment

Processing Price List Video Processing PDF Powder drying equipment can be used for the drying and sterilization of material in powder or granular. The machine can also dry and sterilize fruits, vegetables, and other foods. Drying work only needs electricity and water. It will not discharge wastewater or waste gas in the work process, which is the environmental protection of high tech equipment. Walnut powder drying equipment As a professional Microwave Equipment manufacturer, our Leader Microwave Equipment has exported to more than 20 countries, such as Algeria, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria and so on, … Read more