Cassia Seed Nicrowave Drying Sterilization

Cassia seed, the name of traditional Chinese medicine. South of the Yangtze river in China are planted, producing areas mainly in anhui, guangxi, sichuan, zhejiang, guangdong and other places. Famous for its efficacy in brightening the eyes. Harvest ripe fruit in autumn, dry, lay seeds and remove impurities. Cassia taste bitter, sweet, salty, slightly cold, into the liver, kidney, large intestine; Embellish bowel aperient, lipid-lowering fat bright eye, treat constipation and tall blood fat, hypertension. Clear liver bright eye, benefit water aperient, have relieve diarrhea effect, fall blood pressure to fall hematic fat. Disadvantages of traditional steam drying and infrared dryers: 1、Big investment in … Read more

Tianjin Microwave Drying Equipment transaction case

The customer’s raw material is cat litter, with an initial water content of about 30% and a requirement of about 12% after drying.Due to the case of drying cat litter in the early stage of the factory, the product technology of cat litter is very simple. As the customer’s requirement is to make a small experimental machine,10KW equipment is used as the experimental machine, and 10KW equipment is not necessary for water cooling because of its low power.Therefore,we recommended to the customer the new air cooling equipment being produced in our workshop. This is a new type of air cooling equipment … Read more

Tanzania Sterilization Equipment test

The Tanzanian client, a food company, is now working on a moringa powder processing project.Through the Internet to learn that our microwave equipment sterilization effect is better.As an important part of the whole process, the customer communicated with us a lot by email.From the design of equipment, process, accessories brand standards, after-sales installation training and other aspects of a comprehensive understanding.Finally, the customer sent the samples to us for sterilization test, and then the samples were sent back to the customer for testing. Moringa oleracea powder has a variety of effects such as lowering blood sugar, lipid and blood pressure, … Read more

Shandong Weifang Vacuum Corn Ripening Test

Microwave ripening technology has been widely used in whole grains in recent years. Mr. Zheng from weifang, shandong province wanted to ripen fresh corn by the effect of microwave.And at the same time in the vacuum has sterilization effect, which can be preserved for a long time to eat.At present, Mr. Zheng has established cooperative relations with many local supermarkets, and he wants to supply corn to supermarkets as a new product after it is matured in vacuum packaging. According to the request of Mr. Zheng.We use vacuum package to pack fresh corn.Then the microwave equipment was used for curing experiments.It was found that the temperature … Read more