Chemical materials? Microwave drying is not afraid

The traditional drying technology already can not meet the need for higher dry requirements with the development of science and technology, such as biological products, composite materials, nanomaterials, biomedical materials, and the emergence of new products.

And microwave drying technology has shown significant superiority in the chemical material industry, agricultural product processing industry, and other industries. It has to be a technology that adapts to the new product requirements.

Here’s a brief introduction to Industrial microwave Equipment.

Chemical material Industrial microwave Equipment

Advantages of microwave drying chemical materials equipment:

1. Microwave heating makes the heated object itself become the heating element, which is called the overall heating mode and does not need the process of heat conduction.

The overall heating method can achieve uniform heating quickly so that the material with poor heat conduction can be heated and dried rapidly. Energy consumption is usually reduced by more than 50%, but it can also reduce the area of drying equipment and reduce the investment of site fees.

2. Our safe and reliable microwave shielding design guarantees the microwave leakage per square centimeter less than 2mw, far lower than the national standard.

3. Chemical material Industrial microwave Equipment realizes non-pollution and uniform drying of material while significantly reducing drying temperature;

4. Chemical material Industrial microwave Equipment won’t generate heat, wastewater, and waste gas, and truly realize safe and clean production.

Chemical material Industrial microwave Equipment

Examples of the wide application of microwave drying process:

   High moisture viscous material  drying
Powder, particle, sheet, strip, plate, small billet  materials  drying
Solid wastes such as sludgeDrying,sterilizing
Food, medicine, medical raw materialsDrying,sterilizing
Foam materialHeat treatment
CatalystActivate the regeneration
Polymer materialCuring

That’s to say, many drying machines have the same function as Industrial microwave Equipment, such as instant noodle dryers, grain dryers, and pet food dryers.

Description of chemical material Industrial microwave Equipment:

NameIndustrial microwave Equipment

chemical material

Material Stainless steel
 Microwave leakage≤3Mw/ sq.cmMicrowave frequency2450±50 MHz
 ConditionNew Port  Qingdao Port
 ApplicationChemical material industryVoltage380V / 50HZ / 3PH

Traditional drying process:

The traditional drying process is either large equipment, high drying cost, or slow drying speed, small processing capacity.

Traditional drying methods such as fire, air, steam, electric heating, are external heating drying, after material surface absorbing heat, the heat permeates to the material interior through heat conduction, and then heating drying.

In the traditional drying process, to improve the drying speed, the external temperature should be increased, and the temperature gradient should be increased. However, it is easy to produce the phenomenon of external drying and internal moisture.

Chemical material Industrial microwave Equipment

The heart of Industrial microwave Equipment is the microwave heater, and the microwave drying frequency is currently 915 MHZ and 2450 MHZ.

Microwave drying sterilization equipment belongs to the non-standard custom classes machinery. Chemical materials dedicated to microwave drying are according to the shape of the material, material size, moisture content (initial moisture content, the final moisture content), or bacteria content (initial bacteria content, eventually contain bacteria rate). Product properties of heat-resistant, material moisture gradient, and material of microwave features that it’s dielectric constant.

Wet materials in a short period of oscillation of high-frequency electric field, the water molecules inside are polarized and aligned in the direction of the microwave electric field. And then quickly rotate along with the high frequency alternating electric field changes the course of the interaction, and generate intense collision and friction (up to hundreds of millions of times per second).

The result is part of the microwave energy turn into kinetic energy, and in the form of heat, make water temperature rise and leave the material so that the content gets dry. That is to say, material and is absorbed by the microwave process; the energy inside the dielectric material is transformed into heat energy.

Compared with the traditional way of drying, microwave equipment, such as microwave drying machine chemical materials and microwave sterilization equipment, has the advantages of high drying rate, energy saving, high efficiency, uniform dry, clean production, and easy to realize automatic control and improve product quality. Thus microwave equipment is paid more and more attention in drying fields.

In recent years, the research and application of the microwave technology level have greatly improved, mechanical design more reasonable, quality improvement cost gradually decreases, degree of automation, and after-sales services are progressed. The users of Industrial microwave Equipment present a growth trend.