Is it difficult to dry the powder? Special Equipment for Powder Drying and Sterilization to help you solve this problem

The powder drying sterilization equipment is a new powder drying and sterilizing machine that specially used for drying fine powder materials. It can be used for drying and sterilization processing of pearl powder, protein powder, flower powder, soy milk powder, lotus root starch, flour, chili powder, starch, powder and other powder products.

 Special Equipment for Powder Drying and Sterilization

In the processing of various types of powdered foods, due to the manufacturing standards and process technology, the microbial index value of the products produced and processed often exceeds the standard, and it is easy to be mildewed during the storage period, which is harmful to consumers’ health.

Microwave drying and sterilizing equipment can sterilize these products to meet the production and processing standards. After the sterilization of the product, mold, e. coli, pathogenic bacteria can meet the health standards.

 Special Equipment for Powder Drying and Sterilization

Technological production process of Powder drying sterilization machine:

1.Fully automatic feeding operating systemAutomatic feeding operation system.The material is roughly crushed through the elevator into the hopper,and the agglomerated part of the material is finely differentiated.And then the automatic auxiliary material is carried out.Finally feeding the material into the microwave drying system.

2.Microwave powder drying equipment system.After the material enters the microwave drying system, it is quickly heated under the direct action of the microwave electromagnetic field; the moisture content evaporates.The microwave heating system is equipped with an automatic turning system to promote the timely and uniform drying of the moisture content at the bottom of the material.

3.Discharge and residual material recovery system.After the drying of the material is completed, it is fed into the weighing package according to the screening and crushing system.In view of the adhesion of the powder itself, a small amount of material adheres to the conveyor belt;At this time, the residual materials are collected by the residual material recovery system to prevent material loss.

 Special Equipment for Powder Drying and Sterilization

4.Low-carbon and environmental-friendly powder drying and sterilization equipment, environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency.

The microwave acts directly on the material, without any other intermediate transformation stage, so there is no additional thermal energy damage, and the air in the furnace and the corresponding container will not generate heat, so the thermal efficiency is extremely high, and the production environment is also obviously improved. Compared with far infrared heating can save 30% electricity.

5.It is conducive to manipulation,processing technology is advanced.Compared with the commonly used methods, the microwave powder sterilization machine is out-of-the-box;Without thermal inertia, the actual operation is sensitive and convenient;The microwave power and the transmission speed are adjustable.

6.During microwave heating, drying and sterilization,there is no sewage, no organic waste gas, etc. It is a safe and harmless high-tech,which can strengthen product quality and bring economic benefits.

Moreover, the working environment temperature of the machine and equipment is low, the noise is small, the working condition is greatly improved, and the floor space is saved.

7.Microwave low temperature sterilization ensures nutritional value and traditional flavor.Microwave sterilization uses specific thermal effect and non-thermal effect to sterilize. Compared with conventional thermal sterilization, it can obtain the required sterilization effect at a relatively low temperature and a short period of time.

To sum up:

The powder drying sterilization machine is a new high-tech special equipment with high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, stability, safety and reliability, simple machine equipment and convenient operation method.

In the processing of pure natural health foods, in order to ensure that various nutrients are not damaged.Compared with the traditional technology, it has the advantages of short processing time, good product quality, sterilization at low temperature, and nutritional value keeping, which improves efficiency, saves electricity, and obtains significant economic and social benefits.