Microwave Drying and Sterilization Equipment for Chili Powder

Chili powder is a common spice in life, for people who love spicy food, its existence is essential. Sichuan people, especially love to eat spicy food, indeed, the meal sprinkled with some chili powder can make the meal more flavorful. Not only so, but chili powder also has the effect such as antipyretic analgesic, prevention of cancer change, increase appetite, help digest, fall fat to reduce weight, edible a few at ordinary times also have profit to the body.

Red chilli powder

As we all know, chili powder is processed from chili, in the processing process, indeed can not be less drying sterilization this step. At present, the most commonly used dry sterilization is microwave technology. In many microwave equipment, Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s microwave drying and sterilization equipment of chili powder is unique and stands out.

Advantages of microwave sterilization equipment for chili powder drying

1.It applies to the drying and sterilization of chili powder and other seasonings, energy saving, no environmental pollution, it is an advanced microwave drying and sterilization equipment.

2.The microwave sterilization machine of paprika powder drying speed is fast, sterilization effect is good, not only extended the storage period of paprika powder, and improves the quality of the paprika powder. Paprika’s original color and nutrients can be largely preserved.

3.The microwave sterilization is equipment that converts electric energy into microwave energy to dry and sterilize the chili powder. Because of the intense penetration of microwaves, it can penetrate the material, so that the material can be heated thoroughly. The heating is uniform, and there is no heat difference.

4.Compared with the traditional equipment, the chill powder microwave sterilization equipment has the advantages of energy-saving, uniform heating, and simple operation. Microwave characteristics enable the material to rise in temperature in a short time. Because there is no heat conduction, heat loss is almost zero, energy-saving, and efficient.

5.Due to the dual effects of the thermal and biological effects of the microwave electric field, the growth and development of bacteria were inhibited. The bacteria were completely sterilized, without breeding new bacteria.

6.An automatic manual setting system is adopted for microwave drying sterilizing machine of chili powder. Assembly line works and operation is simple. It is mainly made of stainless steel plate, strong and firm, beautiful appearance; Small footprint, significantly increased space.

Microwave drying and sterilization equipment for chili powder

Technical parameters of microwave drying and sterilization equipment for paprika powder

Capacity10kg-100kg/ h
Voltage380v 50hz
Microwave output frequency2450±50MHz
Microwave input apparent power≤70KVA
Microwave output power0-110KW Adjustable according to different models
Temperature0~200℃ Adjustable
Conveyor beltTransmission teflon conveyor belt
Transmission speed0~10m / min Adjustable
Microwave leakage limit(Milliwatt/square centimeter):<1
MagnetronPanasonic or LG
MaterialsStainless steel 304
Dimensions(L * W * H)11800 * 1450 * 1790mm

Principle of microwave drying and sterilization equipment for chili powder

Microwave heating does not need any heat conduction process but directly transfers energy to molecules or atoms through the dielectric loss of microwave inside the pepper. This unique in-situ energy transfer method is different from the traditional heat transfer method, which is conducive to improving the chemical diffusion process and the rate of the chemical reaction. In the drying and sterilizing chili powder by chill microwave drying and sterilizing equipment, all the water in the pepper is selectively heated by microwave at the same time. Water vaporizes quickly. The pressure difference between the inner and surface layers of the pepper and the air is vast, which forms a huge driving force. The water can be quickly transferred from the inside of the pepper to the air, completing the pepper’s drying and sterilization.

Chili powder is a popular product. Chili peppers can also be made into other foods, such as chili sauce, chili oil, etc. Their processing requires microwave equipment; therefore, such as microwave drying sterilization equipment chili powder, pepper microwave drying equipment, bread microwave sterilization equipment are deeply loved by consumers, with broad market prospects.