Microwave Drying Equipment for Ganoderma Lucidum

Now the living standard is getting better and better, people are also beginning to pursue the quality of life, clothing, food, housing and transportation are trying to make themselves comfortable. Many people like to eat ganoderma lucidum, ganoderma lucidum is a tonic food, ganoderma lucidum contains rich trace elements needed by the human body, often edible ganoderma lucidum can play a very good tonic effect.

But the storage of ganoderma lucidum is also difficult, in order to make the storage time of ganoderma lucidum longer, most cases will be dry ganoderma lucidum, the equipment used for drying is the microwave drying equipment of ganoderma lucidum produced by Leader Microwave Equipment company.

lucid ganoderma

Advantages of microwave drying equipment of ganoderma lucidum:

1.Uniform heating, consistent inside and outside

Microwave drying equipment is used for drying microwave, microwave penetration is very strong, it can make ganoderma lucidum inside and outside at the same time heating, heating is very uniform, ganoderma lucidum when heating contraction consistent will not appear deformation, dry crack phenomenon.

2.Selective heating

Because the heat energy comes from the absorption of microwave in ganoderma lucidum, the absorption is closely related to the structure of ganoderma lucidum itself. The water will absorb a lot of the heat generated by the microwave drying machine of ganoderma lucidum, making the water turn into vaporization, and the absorption of ganoderma lucidum to microwave is weaker however, such, can assure microwave basically is used at evaporate water already, also can make itself of ganoderma lucidum not overheat.

3.Fast dehydration

The whole drying process only takes a few minutes, and the microwave drying machine dehydrates quickly, improving the production efficiency, thus increasing the overall profit.

4.Power consumption is small

Different from the traditional drying method, the microwave drying and sterilization equipment of ganoderma lucidum uses very little electricity, which not only reduces the production cost but also saves energy.

5.The equipment is easy to control

In the drying process of ganoderma lucidum, only one machine is enough, and the microwave drying machine of ganoderma lucidum is very convenient to use, simple operation and easy to control.

Microwave drying equipment for ganoderma lucidum

Technical parameters of microwave drying equipment for ganoderma lucidum:

Microwave output power(Kw)12
Input voltage(V)380
Dimension of equipment(L*W*H,mm)1500x1500x2000
Installation weight(T)1.8
Cavity material Industrial grade stainless steel
Microwave leakage limitation(mW/c㎡)≤1
Box temperature(℃)45
Environmental temperature(℃)Seasonal temperature
Relative humidity(%)85

The edible of ganoderma lucidum

Comparison between microwave drying equipment of ganoderma lucidum and traditional drying method:

Traditional drying methods are mostly manual operation, such as natural air drying, artificial heating and so on, so compared with ganoderma microwave drying equipment, what is the difference?

1.High efficiency

Manual operation is the least efficient operation mode, because in the process of operation, there are many influencing factors, such as time, the speed of workers and so on, will cause low efficiency, and the efficiency of ganoderma microwave drying equipment is very high.


The microwave drying equipment of ganoderma lucidum can dry ganoderma lucidum in the shortest time and effectively lock the nutrition. However, the loss of time and other traditional drying methods will cause the loss of nutritional elements in ganoderma lucidum.

3.Hygiene, condition

The traditional drying method will make ganoderma lucidum have a lot of contact with the outside world, which makes the sanitary condition worrying invisibly. However, the microwave drying equipment of ganoderma lucidum can be completed in a short time, so the sanitary condition is very good.

Ganoderma lucidum microwave drying equipment for us to produce very high quality dry ganoderma lucidum, which is a major application of microwave equipment, of course, the application of microwave equipment there are many, such as frozen shrimp microwave thawing equipment, tea microwave drying equipment, frozen pork microwave thawing equipment and so on, are some popular equipment.

And with the expansion of the market demand of ganoderma lucidum, the demand of microwave drying equipment of ganoderma lucidum will be larger and larger, it is with it can bring us higher economic benefits, in the future, the microwave drying equipment of ganoderma lucidum must be a hot selling equipment!