Microwave Drying Equipment for Peanut

“A fat white man lives in a hemp house with red curtains.” I’m sure you’ve all guessed this riddle. Yes, the answer to this riddle says peanuts. Peanut is a kind of nut with abundant yield and vast consumption in China, also known as “groundnut,” “mud bean,” and so on. It is rich in nutrients, there are many ways to eat, it is also an excellent companion food, and it’s a snack that most people like.


The harvest season of peanuts is cloudy and rainy, so they cannot be dried in time, so they can only be piled together. If it is not dried in time, the peanut is prone to mildew, which produces aflatoxin with potent carcinogenicity. To solve this problem, the Leader Microwave Equipment Company researched microwave drying technology, and finally developed and made peanut microwave drying equipment according to the drying characteristics of peanuts.

Advantages of peanut microwave drying equipment:

1.Simple equipment, advanced technology

Compared with the conventional drying method, peanut microwave drying equipment does not need a boiler, pipeline system, coal yard, and transportation vehicle. As long as it has the primary conditions of water and electricity, there are no special requirements on the plant, less investment, quick results, and advanced technology.

2.Drying time is short and speed is fast

Conventional thermal drying and sterilization are the transfer of heat from the surface of an object to its interior utilizing heat conduction, convection, or radiation. It often takes a long time for the interior of the object to reach the required drying degree and sterilization temperature. However, peanut microwave drying and sterilization equipment is the dielectric material itself loss of electric field energy and heat. The microwave heating treatment time is significantly shortened, under a certain power density intensity, generally as long as tens of seconds, a few minutes can achieve satisfactory results.

3.Dry evenly and thoroughly

Conventional thermal drying and sterilization start from the surface of the material and then transfer to the raw material’s interior through heat conduction. Peanut microwave drying machine with penetrating performance, the surface and internal function at the same time, ensures the internal and external temperature with the required value, so drying, sterilization uniform, and thorough.

4.Easy to control and easy to achieve automatic production

Peanut microwave drying treatment equipment is simple to operate, easy to control, and has no thermal inertia, according to the requirements of different food technology specifications for processing, reduced production operators, and reduced production costs.

5. Maintain nutrient content

Peanut microwave drying machine has a thermal effect of rapid warming and the non-thermal effect of double sterilization. Compared with conventional thermal drying, sterilization can be at a lower temperature and a shorter time to obtain the desired drying, sterilization effect. It can retain more food nutrients and color, aroma, taste, shape, and other flavors.

Microwave drying equipment for peanut

Working principle of peanut microwave drying equipment:

Microwaves are electromagnetic waves of frequencies from 300 MHZ to 300 Gigahertz. The dielectric material is composed of active and non-active molecules. Under the action of the electromagnetic field, these active molecules change from the original random distribution to the positivity orientation of the electron field. Under the act of high-frequency electromagnetic fields, these orientations change according to the change of alternating electromagnetic fields, which causes the motion and friction effect of molecules to generate heat. At this time, the alternating electromagnetic field energy is transformed into the thermal kinetic energy in the medium, making the temperature of the medium-rise continuously, thus achieving the drying effect.

schematic diagram

The microwave drying equipment of peanut adopts new technology, which solves the existing problems of peanut drying, maintains the quality of peanut well, and can also be applied to the drying of agricultural products as tobacco, mushroom, and pepper. Besides, there are scented tea microwave drying equipment, vegetable microwave drying equipment, food microwave drying equipment in the market, have a broad development prospect, their promotion potential is vast, and is worthy of our trust!