Microwave Drying Equipment for Pepper

Pepper is a common condiment in life, hemp, spicy, cooking with a little pepper, can improve the taste of food. It is not only a good seasoning but also has a very high medicinal value. It is common, eating more pepper is also quite beneficial to the body.

After picking fresh pepper, it is generally necessary to dry it, to prolong its edible period and is not easy to deteriorate. What method should I use to dry it? The leader microwave equipment company has specially developed and manufactured a microwave drying equipment for pepper according to its characteristics. As soon as it is sold, it has been widely praised and sold well in the market.

The advantages of the pepper microwave drying equipment are as follows:

  1. The microwave drying machine has many functions, it can dry, disinfect, sterilize, and have a wide range of applications.
  2. PLC computer control system controls humidity, temperature, drying time is short, pepper microwave dryer operation is convenient.
  3. The microwave drying equipment of pepper is automatic, the energy consumption is low, and the electric energy is significantly saved.
  4. Pepper microwave drying device advanced technology, exquisite technology, belt cleaning materials, can meet different food requirements.
  5. The raw material can be heated up in a short time at a very high temperature. The high temperature in this field is to ensure product quality and bactericidal effect.
  6. This series of microwave dryers are widely used in industry, agriculture, chemical industry, medicine, wood, and many other industries.
  7. Microwave flows through metal-covered rooms and waveguides without leakage and without additional heat and contamination.
  8. Drying machine simple operation, plc system simple, stable, safe, friendly, no complicated operation steps.
  9. Conventional thermal sterilization results in heat loss, while direct application of microwave to food without additional heat loss can save 30-50 percent.
  10. No cracks, deformation, microwave drying has strong permeability and selectivity, so it is not easy to crack, and distortion is small.

Microwave drying equipment for peppers

The working principle of the microwave drying equipment of peppers:

The microwave is obtained by passing an alternating current of direct current or 50 Hz on an electric vacuum device or a semiconductor device, using electrons in a magnetic field. This movement can be simply explained by the fact that the medium is seen from the electrical structure, a class of molecules is called a non-polar molecular dielectric, and the other is a polar molecular dielectric. In general, they are arranged irregularly. If they are placed in an alternating electric field, the polar molecular orientation of these media also changes with the polarity of the electric field, which is called polarization. The stronger the applied electric field, the stronger the polarization. The faster the polarity of the applied electric field changes, the quicker the polarization is. The more intense the thermal motion of the molecule and the friction between adjacent molecules are. In this process, the conversion of electromagnetic energy to heat energy is completed. When the heated material is placed in the microwave field, its polar molecules swing back and forth at a high frequency of several billion times per second with the microwave frequency. The heat generated by friction is enough to make the material achieve the purpose of heat drying in a short time.