Powder Puff Drying Equipment

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Technology is making progress, and times are making progress. Our Leader Microwave Equipment Company has been making progress and innovation in its technology as well. If you have any concerns about this project, please contact us immediately. Besides, you can use our high-quality microwave powder puff drying equipment to start the powder puff drying business.

Powder Puff Drying Equipment

Our powder puff drying equipment has many advantages:

  • 1. The design of powder puff drying equipment is more stable and safer. It is equipped with an automatic pressure control system, an automated temperature control system, a computerized alarm system, an emergency exhaust valve, a powder puff drying pump, an explosion-proof device, and a safety valve. Ensure the safety of workers and machinery in the production process.
  • 2. Microwave has incomparable heating characteristics of traditional drying, which can make the water molecules in the powder puff generate heat themselves and get rid of the powder puff, thus avoiding the heat transfer process from outside to inside. This will save 30 to 50 percent of the heat and significantly improve energy efficiency.
  • 3. Microwave drying technology adopts internal heating method, Selective heating and even drying ensure that the powder puff does not change color or deform after drying, with good effect and good quality.
  • 4. Internal and external simultaneous heating characteristics determine that microwave drying powder puff time is short, and microwave has no thermal inertia, easy to control, ready to use, and no need for preheating.
  • 5. The microwave drying process is not conductive heating, no loss of heat radiation, no heating of air and body, more energy-saving than steam heating, and far-infrared heating.
  • 6. Microwave has a thermal effect and biological effect. It can not only heat the powder puff but also sterilize and prevent mildew. It can save a lot of costs of cleaning machinery and time.

The leader has developed a variety of hot – selling microwave powder puff drying equipment. Here are some more parameters for your reference.

12kw Microwave powder puff drying equipment
12kw Microwave powder puff drying equipment
30kw Microwave powder puff drying equipment
30kw Microwave powder puff drying equipment
50Kw Microwave powder puff drying equipment
50Kw Microwave powder puff drying equipment
Customized microwave powder puff drying equipment
Customized microwave powder puff drying equipment

Microwave powder puff drying equipment technical data:

Job per hour500kg0.8-1t1.5-2t2.5-3t
Total power12kw/h30kw/h50kw/h72kw/h
Floor space(L * W * H)30*15*7m35 * 15 *7m45 * 15 *10m50 * 15 *10m
Service life5-8 year
Working procedurecontinuous
EnergyElectric energy

Principle of microwave heating and drying:

The powder puff drying equipment uses the principle of microwave heating to heat the powder puff and dry it quickly. Water molecules are active polar molecules that move at high frequency and high speed under the action of high-frequency magnetic field waves.

A large number of water molecules rub together to generate heat in a short time to reach the required temperature. The porous structure of the sponge and foam cotton can achieve drying and sterilization effect.

Powder Puff Drying Equipment

Powder puff drying equipment is widely used:

Powderpuff drying equipment can be mainly used for the rapid drying of sponge products such as powder puff. Also, memory pillow, PU cotton, shaping cotton, rubber cotton, foaming cotton, cosmetic cotton, memory cotton, latex, mattress, table, and chair cushion, etc.

Five reasons for choosing Leader powder puff drying equipment:

  • 1. As one of the leading manufacturers of powder puff drying equipment, our Leader owns many international patents such as CE and ISO, which can guarantee the quality of the powder puff drying machine.
  • 2. The emissions of Leader powder puff drying equipment meet international emission standards, environmental protection, and no pollution;
  • 3. Investors who purchase Leader powder puff drying equipment can benefit from wise choice and enjoy perfect after-sales service. Our company will send professional and technical personnel to conduct staff training to help install and adjust the factory until the powder puff drying equipment runs smoothly.
  • 4. We have exported microwave powder puff drying equipment to many countries and have rich experience in foreign trade.
  • 5. A leader relies on mature production technology to ensure the quality of microwave powder puff drying equipment, to ensure the profit of buyers.

As a professional and excellent manufacturer of powder puff microwave drying equipment, our machines have been exported to many countries, such as the United Kingdom, South Africa, Hungary, Indonesia, Romania, South Korea, Turkey, Dominica, Nigeria, Jordan, the Netherlands, Brazil and so on. Leader Microwave Equipment Company promises to help you with your business plan.

There is no doubt that delicate makeup has become an essential part of women’s daily activities and even some men who love beauty. This means that more and more high-quality cosmetic tools are needed. Therefore, it is essential to deal with the powder puff effectively.

The powder puff drying equipment manufactured by the Leader can handle any type of powder puff. Our Leader also has a variety of flower dryer nuts, welcome your news at any time.