Spring appropriate drink flower tea — lily and honeysuckle tea

Lily, honeysuckle tea is a common scented tea in life,they are not only have beautiful appearance but also have the effect of clearing the heart, removing fire, moistening dryness and moistening the lungs.It has a unique smell from the inside out.As the saying goes, drinking tea in spring can relieve spring sleepiness, scented tea is sweet and fragrant, clearing away heat and fire, invigorating spleen-stomach and replenishing qi, driving away cold and promoting Yang, refreshing and relaxed and happy.The most suitable flower tea to drink in spring includes lily tea and honeysuckle tea, of course, they can be used together.

Honeysuckle is a member of the honeysuckle family and is often medicated with its own dry buds. Tea drinking needs drying, drying requirements to maintain the original taste,original shape and original color.Namely the honeysuckle after drying, once it be opened by boiled water, color, shape, taste and nutrition and fresh honeysuckle is basically the same.This requires drying after curing.For this reason the vast majority of enterprises adopt microwave drying technology equipment — microwave lily dryer and honeysuckle dryer to dry flowers.

Microwave lily dryer

Microwave lily dryer and honeysuckle dryer also known as lily honeysuckle microwave dryer,it is processed by microwave remove the moisture and drying treatment. insecticidal sterilization thorough , keep bright color products,the content of chlorogenic is 25% higher than that of common drying.Control the water content of dried flowers at 10%~15 %.

Microwave lily dryer

Mechanism of microwave lily dryer and microwave honeysuckle dryer:

Microwave scented tea drying dryer is a microwave generator semi – microwave radiation to dry materials and penetrate into the internal materials, induced materials of water and other polar molecules then synchronous rotation.

For example, using 915MHz dried vegetable products, the polar molecules in the body rotate 915 million times per second . As a result of such high speed operation, friction heat is generated instantaneously in the material, causing the surface and interior of the material to heat up together, and the internal temperature is higher than the material surface, so that a large number of water molecules escape from the material and are taken away by evaporation, so as to achieve the drying goal.

At the same time, the microwave energy can penetrate into the internal heating of honeysuckle and does not need high temperature medium,It fundamentally changed the pattern of conventional heating Enzyme fungicidal which depended on high temperature medium and heat conduction.

In view of the non-thermal effect of microwave electromagnetic field in the drying process, its power greatly shortens the sterilization time and sterilization temperature.

Show the distinctive advantage that microwave sterilizes. In favor of honeysuckle dry storage and packaging and health standards. Therefore, the selection of microwave honeysuckle drying equipment to dry honeysuckle, can completely solve the shortcomings of traditional drying methods.

Microwave lily dryer

Advantages of microwave lily honeysuckle drying mechanical equipment :

1.Lily honeysuckle dryer green environmental protection, energy saving without special care, high degree of automation.Honeysuckle after drying maximum retained the original color and flavor and nutrition.

2.Heating speed is fast, microwave can directly heat on the honeysuckle inside and outside at the same time, do not need to preheat,turn on the machine and it will process.But the traditional heating manufacture working, must have a preheating process. Our equipment saving time.

3.Microwave treatment can play a good insecticidal effect, when the moisture content is less than 12%, is conducive to strengthen the insecticidal effect, so that the mold in the flower does not survive and then bring the anti-mildew effect.


Adopt microwave drying method of lily dryer and honeysuckle dryer can meet the need of honeysuckle drying completely.Not only high efficiency, fast drying speed, and can better maintain the quality of honeysuckle,color, aroma and shape can meet the requirements of high specification and grade.

At the meantime, microwave drying has unique germicidal advantages,dried flowers facilitate packaging and storage.

The power, time and stacking layers in microwave drying process has great influence on drying quality.The quality and drying efficiency of dried flower products were considered,selecting effective microwave power and optimizing microwave drying process are the keys to successful microwave drying.

Compared with conventional drying methods, microwave drying also has the advantages of easy control, simple and convenient operation, and is not affected by natural factors.